4+ Brilliant Tips for Getting Command Strips off the Wall (2024)

If you like to keep your decoration fresh, you probably need to know how to remove Command strips from a wall. Command strips are an incredible decorating tool. They typically consist of a small hook with a strong adhesive backing. The adhesive seals tightly to several wall surfaces, providing a sturdy way to hang pictures, artwork, mirrors, and more.

Removing Command hooks from a wall should be simple. The strips come with a built-in mechanism to break the bonds in the adhesive, so it peels away cleanly, though sometimes, this method fails. If the Command adhesive strip doesn’t peel off as expected, it can be tricky to know how to get Command strips off walls.

Don’t panic if you have a broken hook or adhesive you can’t lift. Thankfully, other techniques exist to remove a Command hook if the release tab malfunctions. Use innovative strategies with dental floss or a hair dryer to release the glue from your wall without leaving a mark.

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Table Of Contents

  1. How to Get Command Strips off Walls
    • Why Do Command Strips Work Well?
    • Removing Command Hooks From a Wall
    • How to Remove Command Strips From a Wall
    • Getting Adhesive Strips off Walls
    • Removing Command Strip Residue From Walls

How to Get Command Strips off Walls

Learn how to remove Command strips from a wall properly to avoid accidentally chipping paint or leaving sticky residue as you redecorate. Removing Command hooks from a wall is painless, even if the adhesive removal strip snaps or the hook breaks.

Command strips hold everything from picture frames to fairy lights, making them invaluable for styling your space. Explore proven tricks for removing a 3M Command strip and confidently work with these handy little hooks.

Why Do Command Strips Work Well?

3M Command strips are known for their adhesive strength and convenience. These easy-to-use hanging strips work with textured walls, painted drywall, and cinder block surfaces.


Adhesive Wall Hooks Uses

  • Curtain rod for curtains
  • Picture frame
  • Wall art
  • String lights or decor


Though you may need multiple Command strips for a heavy mirror, these little hooks are ideal for hanging various items. One of the biggest fears with using an adhesive hook is inadvertently damaging paint. Find out how to properly remove adhesive stuck to a wood wall to keep your home in perfect shape.

Removing Command Hooks From a Wall

All Command strips come with an innovative pull tab to break the adhesive seal when it’s time to remove them. If you fit your hook according to directions, you’ll see a clear strip hanging down beneath where the adhesive connects to the wall. As this tab is pulled, it stretches the adhesive, breaking the seal, and it peels away.

Avoid pressing the hook against the wall while removing it; hold it gently to ensure it doesn’t hit your fingers as you pull the tab. Always draw downward as slowly as you can, keeping it straight. Never tug the strip in your direction.

Stretch the strip slowly while maintaining contact with the wall by placing your palm there. Stretch the adhesive, break the bonds, and release the strip from the wall by pulling.

How to Remove Command Strips From a Wall

When your Command strip breaks, removing it becomes a challenge. Don’t worry if the pull tab snaps off. Cut a piece of white dental floss approximately ten inches long. The floss must be long enough to allow you to create a saw by wrapping each end around your fingers. If dental floss is unavailable, a thin fishing line also works well.

Wind the dental floss closely around your two index fingers and pull tight. Steadily saw back and forth while sliding the floss under the Command Strip. When you get to the bottom of the strip, it should come off the wall. Use a clean microfiber cloth to scrub the wall to remove adhesive and dirt on walls before painting. The glue should come off quickly.

If any adhesive remains stuck to the wall, consider using our homemade glue remover for things hung on walls; it’s sure to remove any excess materials.

Getting Adhesive Strips off Walls

Your hair dryer helps remove remaining adhesive residue from a smooth surface like a painted wall. Heating the sticky residue relaxes the glue; it peels up without taking any paint with it. Plug your hair dryer in and turn it to the maximum heat setting.

Use the device to warm the glue while holding it at least six inches from the wall to prevent burning. Every few minutes, check to see if the Command adhesive has loosened using a thin plastic scraper or razor blade. When the glue is pliable, scrape it off the wall and discard it.

Never gouge or use heavy pressure on your wall, which may leave scratches. Work slowly and focus on peeling rather than pressing down. If you don’t have a hair dryer at home, a heat gun is another appropriate way to heat the glue for removal.

Removing Command Strip Residue From Walls

Whether it’s mounting tape remnants or some adhesive residue from the hook, sticky marks make your walls look dull and dirty. Command strips, tape, and many other adhesives are oil-based. Dip a clean cloth in olive oil or baby oil and rub over the remaining adhesive to remove it.

The excess oil floods the glue, releasing the bonds, so it wipes off. If you try to tug the Command strips off your walls and destroy the finish, a new coat of paint or some drywall paste is a simple way to restore it.

Whether you live in a rental property and cannot put holes in the walls or prefer more straightforward hanging methods, Command strips are invaluable. Don’t let worrying about how to get Command strips off walls deter you from taking advantage of this effortless hanging idea.

Learn the best techniques for removing adhesive hooks, both with and without the pull tab, and rest assured your walls are safe when you use Command Strips in your home.

4+ Brilliant Tips for Getting Command Strips off the Wall (2)

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4+ Brilliant Tips for Getting Command Strips off the Wall (2024)
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